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About CES

CES® Is the Global Stage for Innovation 

CES is the world's social affair put for each one of the individuals who flourish with the matter of shopper advancements. It has filled in as the demonstrating ground for pioneers and leap forward advancements for a long time — the worldwide stage where cutting edge developments are acquainted with the commercial center. 

Claimed and created by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it draws on the planet's business heads and spearheading scholars.


CES grandstands more than 4,500 displaying organizations, including makers, engineers and providers of purchaser innovation equipment, content, innovation conveyance frameworks and that's just the beginning; a meeting program with in excess of 250 gathering sessions and more than 180K participants from 150 nations. 

What's more, since it is claimed and created by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ — the innovation exchange affiliation speaking to the $398 billion U.S. purchaser innovation industry — it draws on the planet's business heads and spearheading masterminds to a discussion where the business' most applicable issues are tended to. 

Discover progressively about the idea chiefs who come to CES by looking at the CES 2018 Attendance Audit Summary (PDF).

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